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Truck Axle Assembly & Repair

All Big Wheels Truck Alignment outlets have the capabilities to cater for the accident damaged axles. So if your truck is involved in an accident, you can be confident in the knowledge that your local Big Wheels store can expertly assess the condition of the axle, fix any damage if required and get you back on the road sooner. 


​The axle beam, stub axles, steering arms, third arm and kingpins are all crack tested to ensure no damage has been sustained. We also visually check all components to ensure the conformity of all parts, and finally, the spring seat angles are checked along with camber and castor angles.


The axle is then ready to be refitted to the truck with the knowledge that your truck has an axle assembly that conforms with all safety standards.

Contact your Big Wheels Truck Alignment outlet for an axle fix quote today.

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