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Recommended Tyre Pressure Chart Australia


Incorrect truck tyre pressure (PSI) is the most common cause of premature tyre wear. Overinflation can be just as detrimental as under inflation. All tyre manufacturers construct a tyre that when correctly inflated, gives the tyre its optimum footprint on the road surface. 


So how do we determine what the recommended tyre pressure should be?


To do this, we can use two methods.


Truck tyre pressure guide


Truck tyres method 1:

Calculate the load that the tyre is required to carry and then refer to the Tyre and Rim Association Manual, which will give you the correct pressure for that particular tyre.


For example, 295 80r 22.5 Steer Tyre. Maximum weights over Steer Axle = 6000 kgs. For instance: 3000 kgs per tyre. The pressure required is 750 KPA or 109 PSI.


Truck tyres method 2:

Static Laden Radius. Each tyre manufacturer will specify this dimension. In relation to a steer tyre, the manufacturer will specify, e.g.497mm.


The measurement is taken from the road surface to the centre of the Stub Axle when the tyre is inflated, to give us as per the example 497mm. We now have the correct pressure in the tyre.


Truck tyre pressure chart


Correct tyre pressure is critical for all vehicles but particularly for large commercial vehicles that spend lots of time on the road. Use the chart provided below to help calculate your truck tyre PSI.

Big Wheels Truck Alignmnt | Tyre Pressure Chart
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