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TruckCam Wheel Alignment System

Computerised wheel alignments

The TruckCam computerised wheel alignment systems are the most advanced systems in the world. With integrated gyro and inclinometers, precise and accurate measurements are guaranteed. These systems can be used for measuring all wheel angles on commercial vehicles and are ideal for alignment of big trucks. 


This system is similar in principle to the laser system in that the centre line is used as a reference but the advantages include the combination of camera, gyro and inclinometers providing the highest accuracy and repeatability.


The TruckCam wheel alignment systems are able to compensate influences from the floor/ground and/or tyres and very fast operating time based on the rolling method technology. The wireless communication allows good flexibility with the live reading of alignment values during adjustment.


One of the main advantages of this system is the ease of use for operators with mistakes during operation reduced to an absolute minimum.

All Big Wheels Truck Alignment stores use the TruckCam wheel alignment systems. ​Contact your Big Wheels outlet today to see how our computerised wheel alignments can help you maximise time on the road.

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