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Truck Wheel Alignment

Big Wheels Truck Alignment has been performing wheel alignments for trucks of all sizes for over thirty years; from the smallest delivery vans and 4WDs to the largest of mining trucks, road-registered cranes and every truck in between. In fact, well over three hundred trucks are aligned at a Big Wheels outlet every month.


Why trust Big Wheels for your truck wheel alignments?


As tyres have been improved to give better handling and directional stability, they have also developed a much lower tolerance to misalignment. Maintaining correct alignment of all the wheels on trucks and trailers is critical if we are to achieve good results from modern tyres as well as optimum fuel economy.


To ensure the success of every heavy vehicle wheel alignment, each job includes a comprehensive safety/suspension check as a standard (unless the vehicle is new). 


The Big Wheels technician that works on your truck has also been trained to the highest standards in the industry, using the latest computer or truck laser wheel alignment equipment all calibrated to exacting degrees. 

Our experienced team are also experts at truck wheel balancing. This includes both on wheel balancing and off wheel balancing, and is one of the reasons truck operators bring their trucks back to a Big Wheels outlet year after year.









The Big Wheels Fuel, Tyre & Emissions Program


Every truck operator has the opportunity to be part of the Big Wheels Fuel, Tyre & Emissions Program. No one needs to be told that the price of fuel and tyres continues to rise every day so it becomes more and more important to you to minimise every expense in your business if you are to make a profit. 


There are some simple things you can do not only put more money in your pocket but will also minimise your carbon footprint. In just one year, the average truck can emit up to 135,886 kilograms of carbon dioxide. You can cut that figure by 6,794kilograms and save 5% on your fuel bill by staying on top of your truck wheel alignments and by following the Big Wheels program.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about both personal and commercial truck wheel alignments.

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