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Pedders GVM + Suspension Upgrade Kits

Big Wheels Truck Alignment has officially partnered with Pedders Australia to train & accredit our stores to supply and fit GVM truck upgrades and suspension upgrade kits to 4WDs and light commercial vehicles. 


This opportunity gives our customers the option to increase Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) limits on their vehicles while accessing all current services that both Pedders and Big Wheels offer in a one-stop-shop service offering. With expertise in steering, suspension and wheel alignments for trucks and 4WDs, this additional service is a perfect fit for our customers.

What is GVM and GVM +?

The Gross Vehicle Mass is the maximum a vehicle can legally weigh. This encompasses anything you may add on to your vehicle, including petrol, payloads, passengers, tow bars and more. Basically, anything that adds to the weight of your vehicle is included in your GVM.


GVM + is a Commonwealth of Australia Certified Suspension upgrade kit for most popular Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) and Four-Wheel Drives in Australia.


Simply put, a GVM + kit allows you to legally carry more kilograms of payload. Aside from increased load-carrying capabilities, the benefits of installing a GVM + include WHS compliance, a safer work environment and improved stopping distances when laden.


In Australia, all GVM + kits are federally certified by the Commonwealth of Australia Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DOIRD) after stringent design, research, development and engineering processes. This ensures they are compliant with Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and Vehicle Safety Standards (VSS).

Important: A GVM+ kit does not increase your Gross Combination Mass. This means that, while your carrying capacity has been increased, your legal towing capacity will not change. 

Why choose a Big Wheels for a Pedders GVM upgrade?

While there are many lift kits available on the market, only a certified GVM kit is certified by the Commonwealth of Australia to increase the carrying capacity. Other market lift kits may be able to increase your GVM however these are not certified nor authorised and are therefore deemed illegal. This also means that workplace health and safety and compliance requirements will not be met, and any insurance will be void.


Our partnership with Pedders enables Big Wheels to perform 100% legal and certified GVM + kits for your vehicle. With extensive experience in the industry and training from one of Australia’s leading suspension suppliers & lifted truck alignment shop, we are proud to offer an engineered, tested and certified solution to load-carrying upgrades. 

To learn more about our certified 4WD & truck GVM upgrade kits or to book your vehicle into your local Big Wheels outlet, contact us via the link below.


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