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Services Available In Store

Big Wheels Truck Alignment Franchise stores offer an array of services to our clients not limited to but including;

Vehicle safety check & inspection

  • all vehicles

Wheel Alignments

  • Truck

  • Bus

  • Trailer

  • 4wdCaravan

Wheel Alignment upgrade kits

  • Car

  • 4wd

  • Caravan

  • Truck

  • Bus

Steering, Suspension & Brake

  • Service & Repairs


General Mechanical Repairs & Vehicle Servicing

  • Passenger car

  • 4wd

  • Caravan

  • Box trailer

  • Truck

  • Bus

  • Trailer

Suspension Lift Kits

  • 4WD (Supply & Install shocks, springs, u bolts, suspension kits including brake system upgrades)

GVM Kits

  • Supply and Install – 4WD only

U Bolt Manufacture and Installation

  • all Vehicles

Tyre Fitment & Balancing

  • All vehicles

Retail Parts Supply - All Vehicles (car truck, 4wd, caravan trailer, bus)

  • Service Components (Oil, Air, Fuel Filters, bearings and seals)

  • Brake Components (brake pads, rotors, drums, linings hoses etc)

  • Suspension (shocks, coil springs, leaf springs bushes, pins hangars)

  • Steering Components (tie rod ends, rack ends, tie rod bars drag links, steering boxes, pumps, hoses, linkages joints and more)

  • King pin kits (Truck, Bus Trailer)

  • 4wd hub kits

  • All Automotive Parts (belts, lights, starter motors, radiators, coolant, oil, clutches, fan belts, wiper blades plus much much more).


We Supply and Service Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Retail & Commercial Transport Operators, Mining, Agriculture, 4wd Enthusiast, Caravan Operators, General Retail enquiries, mums and dads with the family car.


Big Wheels has it all for your car, boat, truck, bus trailer, caravan, car trailer, dolly, agricultural machinery or mining we will have services and parts to assist you.​

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