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Truck Cam Products 1300 655 050

BWTA manufacture, distribute, install, commission and conduct competency-based training and assessment for TruckCam Wheel Alignment Operations Certificate II and III in addition to TruckCam Axle Alignment / Correction Training. For more information, please contact BWTA on 1300 655 050 or email

Benefits of TruckCam

TruckCam is the global key player in offering industrial wheel alignment and calibration solutions for the heavy duty vehicle industry.

Leveraging its industry-leading relationship with OEMs with in-house hardware and software R&D, TruckCam has emerged as a key global player in offering end-of-line solutions for wheel alignment, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning Systems patented camera technology. Precision, efficiency and integration are the cornerstones of solutions that are designed to be flexible and reliable, even in the most demanding industrial environments. This is why OEMs around the world rely on TruckCam for their end-of-line testing.

Download the brouchures below to discover more about the benefits of TruckCam technology.

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