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Minimising Costs with the Big Wheels Fuel, Tyre & Emissions Program

At Big Wheels Truck Alignment, we are continuously working to optimise the livelihood of our customers, our staff and our planet, one step at a time. Our ability - and motto - to ‘steer Australia in the right direction’ stems from our commitment to provide quality work in a forward-thinking, customer-oriented environment.

In consideration of our 2000 monthly customers across Australia, we now offer everyone the chance to join our Big Wheels Fuel, Tyre & Emissions Program, saving you money on fuel and tyres while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions.

This we do in recognition of the fact that any time spent off the road is essentially money out of your pocket. For this reason, we consistently operate in a fast and efficient manner to ensure a same-day turn around wherever possible. With a “never say no” attitude, we are committed to providing a superior service that ultimately gets you back on the road as soon as possible.

Who is the program for?

Every operator in Australia has the opportunity to be a part of our Big Wheels Program, inclusive of not only trucks but trailers as well. As a vehicle uses more fuel when towing a load, failure to fix your trailer can significantly limit the advantages of optimising the truck itself, especially in regard to fuel consumption. With the average monthly pump price increasing nearly 20c/L in the last 12 months, ensuring that both your truck and trailer are optimised for fuel efficiency is absolutely paramount.

Having over 30 years of experience aligning wheels for nearly every kind of vehicle you can think of - delivery vans, 4WDs, mining trucks, cranes and more – you can be sure that your vehicle, and livelihood, are in the safest, most experienced hands.

What are the benefits?

As previously mentioned, the key benefit of joining the Big Wheels Fuel, Tyre & Emissions Program is the opportunity to experience significant fuel savings. We understand that even a miniscule reduction in fuel consumption can lead to massive financial savings over the course of your business operation which is why we consistently campaign the advantages of proper alignment and fuel optimisation.

In addition to lower fuel costs, participation in the Big Wheels program works to minimise your carbon footprint. Did you know that the average truck can emit up to 135,886 kilos of carbon dioxide in just one year? Through our Big Wheels Program, we can help you cut that number by 6,794 kilos!

That’s the equivalent of:

• Driving an average car for 11 days nonstop

• Flying a 747 for 12.87 minutes

• Supplying energy to an average house for 191 days

• Producing .5108 tons of beef

• Taking 1.33 cars off the road for one year

• Powering a 42-inch LCD TV for 4.64 continuous years

• Using a 13-watt CF lightbulb for 59.66 continuous years

Big Wheels standard

At Big Wheels Truck Alignment, we ensure your tyres have been improved for better handling and directional stability, with a lower tolerance to misalignment. All of our truck wheel alignments are guaranteed for 3 months or 30,000 kilometres, whichever comes first, and any axles that are re-cambered are guaranteed for the life of the truck under normal operating conditions.

Join the Big Wheels Fuel, Tyre & Emissions Program during your next visit, or contact us directly to find out more. We look forward to providing you with excellent fuel savings and lower carbon emissions soon!

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