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Benefits of a nationwide fleet repair and maintenance partner

Your fleet is your biggest investment, which is why fleet repair and maintenance is the most important division of your business.

Partnering with a nationwide fleet vehicle maintenance provider reduces costs, improves productivity and streamlines your fleet maintenance and repair process.

Here’s how:

A fully-stocked workshop is never too far away

There’s nothing worse than a broken down truck with no suitable repair shop in sight. It pushes back scheduled routes and means you’ve got a driver sitting idly by. A nationwide fleet maintenance and repair provider means you can get your truck to a workshop and back on the road sooner. And with a much more extensive range of quality repair parts than smaller partners, you won’t have to wait on mechanical parts to arrive either.

Reduce truck fleet maintenance costs

Mechanical parts providers offer discounts for companies that buy in bulk. A nationwide fleet repair and maintenance company can leverage their buying power and pass on these savings to clients.

Additionally, preventative maintenance is cheaper than reactive maintenance. With better repairs, you’ll spend less on fixing mechanical problems.

Streamline the fleet repair and maintenance process

A nationwide partner knows your vehicles and your business. Vehicle service records are stored in their database to avoid any frustrating miscommunication and double-handling between different service providers. This reduces your administrative burden and allows you to focus on other areas of your business.

Partnering with a nationwide fleet repair and maintenance provider can also give you more control over your fleet because it allows you to manage the process, rather than the many individuals and service partners involved. Giving your nationwide partner guidelines as to how you want your fleet to be managed will prevent you from having to micro-manage every aspect of it.

Your 100% Australian owned and operated fleet repair and maintenance partner

Want to reap the benefits of a nationwide partnership?

Big Wheels Truck Alignment is Australia’s most dependable and trustworthy fleet repair and maintenance partner. We have 19 workshops along Australia’s most popular driving routes in NSW, QLD, WA and Victoria.

Contact us to discuss partnering with Big Wheels to get your fleet back on the road sooner and more seamlessly.

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