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Changes to Telematics requirements in QLD and NSW by 1 June 2024

Changes for Queensland and NSW operators regarding vehicle monitoring programs have been underway since December, 2022 and will be fully enforced by 1 June 2024.

What’s Changing in Queensland?

For Queensland, eligible vehicles must shift from the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) to the Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA), and from interim On Board Mass (OBM) to Smart OBM. This applies to Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicles and those operating at higher mass limits (HML). 

Here's what to do in Queensland: 

1. Contact a TCA-certified TMA service provider to join the relevant TMA scheme.

2. If necessary, equip your vehicle with a TCA-approved Smart OBM system.

3. Cancel your IAP enrollment by emailing

What’s Changing in NSW?

For NSW, eligible vehicles can continue with IAP but may also need to enroll in TMA if mass monitoring is required by their permits. Additionally, they should transition from interim OBM to Smart OBM. This affects PBS vehicles with mass monitoring conditions in NSW permits. 

Here's what to do in NSW:

  1. Consult with a TCA-certified TMA service provider to enroll in the applicable TMA scheme.

  2. If required by permit, have a TCA-approved Smart OBM system installed on your vehicle.

  3. After TMA enrollment, consider cancelling your IAP enrollment by contacting the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator at

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