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Do I need a caravan axle alignment?

Many avid campers take pride in caring for their caravans.

However, there has often been a long-standing perception that caravan axel alignments are less important than other maintenance services and therefore are purposely forgotten.

As regular caravanners or beginner caravanners, it is important to understand just how hazardous failure to schedule caravan alignments can be.

Hazards of misaligned caravan axles

As with any vehicle, if proper maintenance is not performed, or is performed to a poor standard, hazards are likely to occur.

Without a caravan axle alignment, drivers will unknowingly be driving a potentially hazardous towing vehicle.

In the past, we have seen caravans suffer due to failure to schedule regular axle alignments, including problems such as:

  • The shortened lifespan of tyres

  • Extra drag which chews up more fuel

  • Safety risks such as tyre bursts

  • Additional maintenance and fuel costs

With these factors in mind, how do you know when your caravan requires an alignment?

How to tell if you need an axle alignment

You’ll likely require a caravan axle alignment if you’ve driven on uneven roads and/or driven with an unevenly distributed weight or you haven’t had an alignment for a long period of time.

The easiest way to check whether your caravan axle(s) are misaligned is by having somebody drive behind you to observe the driving manner.

The person trailing behind you should look to see whether the caravan drives straight or is grabbing (pulling to one side).

You should also perform regular tyre checks and look for things such as uneven or rapid tyre wear.

If you do begin to notice these signs, it’s best to book your caravan in for a caravan axle alignment as soon as possible.

Benefits of a caravan axle alignment

By paying attention to your towing vehicle and scheduling regular caravan alignments, you’ll enjoy several added benefits including:

  • Elongated tyre lifespan

  • Eliminating drag and lower fuel consumption

You’ll also majorly benefit from the peace of mind that comes with towing a safe vehicle.

Book your caravan axle alignment with Big Wheels Truck Alignment, and get your towing vehicle in shape for your next expedition.

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