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Fuel Economy for Travellers & Grey Nomads

With the holiday season approaching quickly, now is the perfect time to ensure your vehicle is ready for the journey ahead.

Whether you’re packing up and hitting the road in the 4WD, caravan or trailer this Christmas, or you’re planning an adventurous getaway in the New Year, book your wheel alignment service and receive a complimentary steering, suspension and underbody safety inspection.

Fuel Prices: Cause & Effect

With record numbers of travellers this holiday season, in addition to growing numbers of grey nomads and ‘van life’ aficionados, fuel prices have never been more important to more people.

Though unleaded fuel prices at service stations has dropped to $1.30 in Brisbane, diesel remains at $1.65 or higher. Because product inventory is typically higher during the bustling holiday season, this higher fuel cost has a double dip effect, translating to a higher cost of goods to the customer as businesses try to keep up with demand while maintaining or improving their margins. Additionally, higher prices tend to lead to unrealistic inflationary pressures, contributing to the cash rate review. In fact, forty-one cents of every litre of unleaded fuel is now classified as fuel tax excise.

Chain of Responsibility

As a driver, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself and others by keeping your vehicle properly maintained, serviced and repaired. Make sure your light, medium or heavy vehicle is roadworthy at all times to avoid unnecessary costs, risks and breaches of the Chain of Responsibility (COR).

Book your 4WD or commercial vehicle for a wheel alignment service during the holiday break to have it prepped and ready in time for plenty of guaranteed, safety-compliant adventures in the New Year without added down time or loss of revenue. All of our wheel alignment services are backed by an Australia-wide warranty through a dedicated franchisee and subcontractor network. None of our competitors supply this warranty, or even come close to matching this offer, so rest assured you’re getting the best deal possible.

Top Disadvantages of Improperly Aligned Wheels

While there are many disadvantages of having improperly aligned wheels, some of the top reasons to get it fixed sooner than later include:

• Spending more on fuel than necessary

• Need to replace tyres earlier and more frequently

Incorrectly aligned wheels causes your vehicle to use more fuel than necessary. Any efforts to roll or move the vehicle means it has to work harder, leading to added fuel costs for you, your family or your employer. Additionally, tyres never reach their full life expectancy when they are improperly aligned, leading to more frequent replacements and therefore less money in your pocket.

By booking a no-hassle appointment at one of our country-wide locations, you can easily and cost-effectively address these issues, saving you time and money down the line. Instead of stressing over the cost of petrol and a new set of tyres this Christmas, you can allocate those funds for much more fun purposes, like presents, concerts, travel and more. As if you had any doubt before, pleasure spending is much more enjoyable than begrudged spending.

Wheel Alignment: What to Look For

If you’re not quite sure how or when to tell if your vehicle requires a wheel alignment, follow these helpful tips:

• Get your vehicle checked annually for safety & efficiency.

• Pay special attention if your vehicle shakes, sways, pulls, or otherwise has noticeable issue(s) in regard to driveability.

• Check to see if your steering wheel is off-centre, as in it is not in the straight-ahead position when moving in a straight line.

• If you notice your tyres deteriorating rapidly, this often indicates that a wheel alignment is out of adjustment or there are worn components allowing excessive movement.

• If you are feeling fatigued quicker than usual, it might be because you’ve been putting in more effort to control the vehicle than necessary.

We look forward to assisting you this holiday season and be sure to browse our locations to find the Big Wheels Truck Alignment location nearest you. Please contact us at 1300 655 050 for more information.

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