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Mitsubishi Fuso Canter - Models 413/515 – Camber adjustment

We find a multitude of these vehicles end up in mechanical workshops with the right-hand

side tyre worn out showing steel with not enough adjustment to correct the inside edge


If you find yourself in this situation, we have a SafeTSteer fix that will change camber by

about 1 degree more positive (measurements are ride height dependent).

This is a very easy fix and will work on 90% of these models, see the process below.

SafeTSteer products are Australian made products, that have been around for over

40 years and specialise in solving alignment issues created on Australian roads, in a

multitude of vehicles. We offer different alignment products for the majority of vehicles that

have a problem in excessive or uneven tyre wear.


1° positive adjustment from original reading

All SafeTsteer Products are to be fitted by competently trained personnel.

  1. Carry out wheel alignment and record all values. (Please note! This should be done with a person sitting in the driver side to accurately record figures)

  2. Tilt cab if possible (tilt bull bar if fitted first) this is the easiest way, no need to take alignment gear off.

  3. Raise the vehicle under the middle on a suitable part of the chassis to unload the weight of the suspension and the tyre only just free or slightly touching the turntable

  4. Undo the 3 14x1.5mm bolts holding the upper ball joint to the upper control arm. (loosen all three and double check that you have suitably taken the weight off the suspension but not enough for the tyre to fall outwards)

  5. Remove original bolts, fit the Fuso Block (you may need to raise jack slightly to line up the new bolts. Tension to 125ft/lb and use Thread locker

  6. Drop jack.

  7. Bounce vehicle to return to normal ride height.

  8. Check and adjust wheel alignment With person sitting in the driver side to accurately simulate vehicle on road.

  9. Road test vehicle

Note: We also have a left-hand side fix for excessive or positive camber as well.

We are able to airfreight these products Australia wide overnight.

Find us at and feel free to contact us on 1300 655 050.

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