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Precision alignments with TruckCam wheel alignment systems

TruckCam wheel alignment systems

All Big Wheels Truck Alignment stores use the TruckCam wheel alignment systems because of the many advantages they have over traditional systems.

The TruckCam camera wheel alignment systems are currently the most advanced systems in the global market and there’s a good reason why.

Read more about why Big Wheels Truck Alignment just had to get on board and offer TruckCam in every store nationwide with this in-depth guide to the TruckCam technology and benefits.

What are TruckCam wheel alignment systems?

TruckCam is a computerised wheel alignment system that integrates gyro and inclinometers in order to guarantee precise and accurate measurements every time.

These innovative systems can be used to measure wheel angles on all commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

How does TruckCam work?

Our manufacturers over at TruckCam give a detailed insight into the workings behind the TruckCam system:

“The end of line system is based on a centerline measurement principle. The measures are carried out with a patented camera technology in combination with pre-calibrated wheel clamps and semaphore measuring poles placed in a square around the vehicle.”

The advanced camera wheel alignment systems allow for many additional benefits over traditional wheel alignment systems.

Benefits of TruckCam camera wheel alignment systems

The TruckCam provides a number of advantages over traditional wheel alignment systems in that they:

  • Offer wireless communication which allows greater flexibility with the live reading of alignment values during an adjustment

  • Compensate for influences from the floor, ground and tyres

  • Operate very quickly with rolling method technology

  • Provide ease of use for operators and reduction in mistakes during operation

  • Enable steering wheel sensor supervision in relation to the wheel angles

  • Compute complete reports after each operation on every vehicle

Book your TruckCam Wheel Alignment with Big Wheels Today

At Big Wheels, we use TruckCam to ensure you get the most precise and accurate truck alignments for your vehicles.

To book in for your TruckCam wheel alignment, contact the team at Big Wheels Truck Alignment today and we’ll have you back on the road in no time!

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Joseph Matthew
Joseph Matthew

I appreciate your dedication to providing top-quality wheel alignment service for my vehicle and using the latest techniques to ensure the best results for customers. Find truck trailer alignment at PMT Fleet.


Sam William
Sam William

Thank you for sharing valuable information on wheel alignment and taking the time to explain the importance of proper wheel alignment and for your dedication to keeping the vehicle running smoothly.

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