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Preparing your 4WD for the Chrissy road trip

Christmas holidays are for venturing out with mates, setting up camp in the great outdoors before knocking back a few cold ones by the fire. Make sure your Chrissy road trip runs this smoothly, by following these 4wd preparation tips.

1. Ensure your tyres are up to scratch

If your tyre pressure is underinflated or overinflated you could be risking more damage to your fourbie. Follow our 4x4 tyre pressure guide to ensure your tyres are inflated to the required PSI for the conditions ahead.

If you’re planning on going real rough on the tracks, you might want to chat to a professional about the tyres most suitable for the rugged terrain.

2. Check your engine

Heavy loads require the engine to work harder. So if you’re hitting the road with a fourbie full of packed eskies, camping gear and mates, you need to be mindful of the toll this can take on your engine, particularly if it hasn’t been looked at in a while.

You can check your engine oil levels and condition with the dipstick, and if there’s any doubt in your mind, might be worth scheduling an oil change before heading off on your trip. Scheduled maintenance is the best way to ensure your engine is up for the job. Get in touch with your trusted mechanic for a professional opinion.

3. Check your radiator fluid

4x4 engines run hot, particularly during long trips in the warmer months. Make sure your radiator fluid is at optimal levels and check for any leakage.

You can do this by parking on a cement surface, and running your fourbie for about 10 minutes. Check for any signs of leakage underneath your car and on or around your engine. If you’ve noticed signs of a leak, save yourself the headaches later on, and head into your local service mechanic.

4. Do a once over of your windscreen

The littlest chip can be disastrous, especially when heading off-road. Give your windscreen a once over for any unnoticed dings, give it a wipe down and if in need, replace your wipers. While you’re at it, make sure to fill up your fluid reservoir.

Hit the road, Jack

When preparing your 4wd for a Chrissy road trip, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Ensure the best possible driving experience with scheduled maintenance by the experts.

For a thorough vehicle inspection and service, with a quick turnaround, head into your local Big Wheels. Our 4wd enthusiasts are here to guide you on all things off-road driving, including 4WD accessories, wheel alignments, wheel balancers, axel fixes and Pedders GVM suspension upgrades and more 4wd preparation tips, to give you the best possible off-road driving experience.

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