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Record petrol prices: How to save money on fuel

Have you noticed a jump in fuel prices in your area? Unfortunately, experts predict that this upward trend will continue to surge in coming months.

Globally, petrol prices have been heavily influenced by the pandemic and now, more recent events in Russia and Ukraine have also impacted the heavy increase.

Why do petrol prices keep rising?

The cost of fuel has been inflated due to COVID19 and it’s continuing to rise. The reason for this is that COVID has made people more reliant on purchasing goods rather than services. The whole world was told to stay at home and this created a new way of life even as the world continues to move forward, away from restrictions and lockdowns.

After becoming more dependent on online shopping, the general population is continuing to be dependent on this out of habit. This sustained level of demand has caused a surge in fuel consumption, as we move freight around Australia and the world. With mass demand comes price increase, fuel prices go up when more people need to purchase it.

Additionally, as Russia continues to invade Ukraine, the United States has been threatening to ban the buying of Russian oil supplies as a kind of sanction against Russia. Other countries are also considering reducing or diminishing their consumption so as not to support Russia as they invade. With Russia exporting a large percentage of the world’s oil, these current circumstances mean the rest of the world has less petrol to go around and combined with high demand, fuel prices will increase once again.

How can you reduce your fuel consumption?

Think about how you drive

An easy way to save fuel and money is to be conscious about the way you drive. Firstly, avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking. It’s easier to do this if you ensure a safe distance between you and the car ahead because you minimise the need to brake and accelerate more often.

Additionally, you can reduce your fuel consumption by maintaining the speed limit. Of course, when you’re driving on a motorway high speeds can’t be avoided, but it’s just something to keep in mind each time you head out.

Another tip: avoid idling. If you’re waiting for more than a minute, you might as well turn it off as this will reduce the amount of fuel you consume.

Reduce your weight

Carrying more weight can consume a lot more fuel than you might think.

So, store away unnecessary weight (like roof racks and trailers), so you can travel lightly and more aerodynamically and chew up less fuel.

Vehicle Maintenance

Staying on top of scheduled maintenance will optimise your fuel efficiency and reduce

Our team can optimise your vehicle and reduce your overall fuel consumption, so you can save big while driving a safely maintained vehicle.

Whether it’s time for a wheel alignment, a Pedders GVM upgrade, or vehicle safety check & inspection, or anything in between, we've got you covered. Find your nearest Big Wheels location and book your scheduled maintenance today.

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