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The Benefits of Wheel Alignments for Your Wallet and the Planet

At Big Wheels Truck Alignment, we understand the critical role that proper wheel alignment plays in the performance, safety, and sustainability of heavy vehicles. While many fleet operators and drivers recognise the immediate benefits of wheel alignments, such as smoother handling and improved tyre life, the broader impacts on safety, cost savings, and environmental sustainability can often be overlooked. This blog explores the comprehensive benefits of regular wheel alignments and how they can benefit both your wallet and the planet.


Improved Safety

This one seems like an obvious one… safety is paramount in the transport industry, and wheel alignments significantly enhance vehicle safety. Proper alignment ensures that all wheels are pointing in the right direction, which improves handling and reduces the risk of accidents. Misaligned wheels can cause uneven tyre wear, leading to unpredictable vehicle behaviour, especially in adverse conditions. In fact, correctly aligned wheels can reduce the risk of tyre blowouts and other tyre-related accidents by up to 25%​. This reduction in risk not only protects drivers but also other road users.


Reduced Monetary Costs

Another of the most immediate benefits of regular wheel alignments is the reduction in operating costs. Misaligned wheels cause tyres to wear unevenly and more quickly, leading to frequent replacements. Additionally, misalignment can increase fuel consumption as the vehicle engine works harder to maintain a straight path.


Regular wheel alignments can extend tyre life by an average of 50%​ and improve fuel efficiency by up to 10%. Considering tyre replacements can cost thousands of dollars for a fleet, the savings are substantial.


Environmental Impact

The environmental benefits of wheel alignments are equally significant. Tyres that wear out quickly contribute to increased tyre waste, which is a major environmental concern.


Vehicles with misaligned wheels consume more fuel, leading to higher carbon emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), millions of tyres end up in landfill each year, and reducing tyre waste is crucial for minimising environmental impact. By extending tyre life, wheel alignments help reduce the volume of tyre waste. 


From an individual’s perspective, proper wheel alignment can reduce a heavy vehicle's tyre wear by 30% and improve its fuel efficiency by 5%. Resulting in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over the vehicle's lifetime​​.


At Big Wheels Truck Alignment, we are committed to continually improving our systems, processes, and methods to ensure we are doing our best for the Australian transport industry to reduce the environmental impact where possible. We are currently working on developing Australian-made products that aim to reduce tyre wear, reduce carbon emissions, and save the planet—one heavy vehicle wheel alignment at a time.


Next Steps…

Check out our carbon calculator today to see how much you could be saving and how you can reduce your impact on the environment.


Think your heavy vehicle might be due for its wheel alignment? Find your closest Big Wheels Truck Alignment workshop here.


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