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Using reduced fuel costs to get on top of vehicle maintenance

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

If you’ve recently passed a petrol station, you’ve probably noticed that petrol prices have been wavering around AUD$1.00. This is lower than they were 15 years ago!

In light of the recent events, there is one silver lining: cheap fuel.

The Cause of Australia’s Low Fuel Prices

Since the outbreak began, it has caused a harsh disruption of global supply chains - which is likely the reason you might be rationing your toilet paper right now.

This disruption has also forced analysts to forecast and delegate less oil demand since the enforcement of self-isolation. More people are being warned to stay indoors, meaning fewer drivers on the road requiring fuel.

This collapse in demand is what then triggered the price wars between oil giants Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Both giants are competing for your purchase and therefore have dropped prices to extreme lows. This is good news for consumers - especially those working in the trucking industry.

How to Take Advantage of Low Fuel Prices

Fill up on discounted petrol prices and have more to spend on preventative maintenance. Being proactive in these uncertain times will help to secure your business in the long run.

Preventative Maintenance

Booking in for preventative maintenance services now will protect you from big and potentially more expensive fixes in the future. So it’s wise to keep on top of things and prevent major issues by booking in for maintenance services.

Some maintenance services we recommend looking into are listed below.

General services are always recommended to locate and fix any issues before they become disastrous. Have your truck looked at today to prevent any issues in the future.

Wheel Alignments

Being proactive and booking a wheel alignment will ensure good results from modern tyres as well as optimise your fuel economy. This way your vehicle will chew through less fuel and you’ll be saving even more on top of already low petrol prices.

With over 30 years of Truck Wheel Alignment experience - you can trust the experts at Big Wheels for all of your truck, bus or trailer servicing needs.

Wheel Balances

On vehicle wheel balancing and off wheel balancing both help to balance and align the tyre and rim as well as on the vehicle’s whole assembly.

This ensures static balance and a better drive.

Start Booking Your Preventative Maintenance Today

In such unprecedented times, it is unlikely we will know how long low fuel prices in Australia will last. With that in mind, urgent action will save you from missing out.

Fill up and take advantage of low petrol prices to invest in preventative maintenance services that will benefit you in the long run.

For any questions or to make your preventative maintenance bookings, contact us today.

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