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Why choose Big Wheels' Computerised Wheel Alignment?

Keep your truck moving with a Big Wheels Alignment.

Fully computerised Truckcam wheel alignment systems are not only the most advanced on the market but also the global industry standard across all leading manufacturers. For us at Big Wheels, this allows us to guarantee a more precise experience and help you save huge amounts on vehicle running costs.

With the cost of rubber and fuel skyrocketing, wheel alignments have never been a more efficient and economical way to keep your truck rolling easier and with less wear and tear on both vehicle and driver. Our team work tirelessly to ensure that your truck leaves the workshop in top working order having benefitted from using the latest and best technological advancements our industry has to offer.

So, what’s different about a computerised Truckcam wheel alignment? 

Some of the major advantages of Truckcam wheel alignment (as opposed to a laser system) include:

Wireless Communication

Wireless communication allows for easy and fast data transmission and the highest level of flexibility with a live reading of the alignment values during the adjustment process.

Ease of Use

Big Wheels Truck Alignment’s workshop operators are well versed and accredited in the technology and enjoy its superior functionality and ability to provide precise results that simply cannot be achieved using other methods of alignment.

Accuracy & Precision calibrated on every use

While it is similar in principle to the laser system, the combination of the highly robust camera, gyro and inclinometers provide accuracy to within .1 of a millimetre, vs the laser system which is only accurate to 2.5mm. The system also enables dynamic toe and camber measurements while in the driving position for ultimate precision.


Measurements can only be stored when all the values are within tolerance and are recorded for every single vehicle in our fully documented national database. This means that Big Wheels can identify any underlying issues with your vehicle from inside any BW workshop in Australia. With more than 300 truck wheel alignments completed every month, our database is chalked full of useful, exacting information which can be repeated or replicated later on with ease.

While standard laser wheel alignments have been the gold standard of the past, Truckcam technology is paving its way as the standard of the future.

For more info on our Computerised Wheel Alignments, get in touch with us today on 1300 655 050 or find your local Big Wheels Truck Alignment Workshop.

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