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4WD Upgrades: Maximising your 4x4 Experience

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Whether for work or leisure, it’s becoming increasingly common for 4WD owners to seek after-market methods of maximising performance for driveability, superior safety, and increased weight-bearing capability. This is especially true for commercial vehicles intended to transport heavy loads.

Despite the increasing popularity of after-market upgrades, however, there are a range of obligations to be aware of in regard to legal weight limits. Say you’re stacking your vehicle with transportable goods or after-market add-ons, there’s a high possibility that you will surpass the legal limit. If we consider that exceeding a vehicle’s factory GVM increases the risk of overexerting your vehicle, reduces the safety of passengers and falls short of legal requirements, then acquiring an upgrade by an authorised workshop becomes essential.

As we become increasingly concerned with efficient operation of work trucks, we’re also seeing a comparable surge in popularity and subsequently sales of light commercial vehicles. However, with more and more of these making their way onto our roads, it’s vital that they’re being adequately equipped to tackle the job they’ve been purchased for.

Light Commercial Vehicles

Despite being fresh out of the factory, many new 4-wheel drives can benefit from a suspension upgrade in order to function optimally and to maximise load-carrying capabilities. This is because these vehicles are often adjusted for comfort and stability of standard on-road travel. With the addition of after-market accessories, heavy loads and volatile road conditions, the performance of your factory suspension could potentially deteriorate. This is where a 4x4 upgrade can greatly benefit you and your fleet.

4WD Upgrades


Premium, aftermarket suspension installed by an experienced mechanic can significantly enhance your load-bearing capacity whilst promoting optimal handling, on-road stability for braking or turning, and heightened ground clearance for arduous terrains. Through maximising friction between your tyres and the road, sound suspension promotes safe and proper vehicle handling, increased steering stability and a more comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers. This is achieved through mitigating the impact of challenging road conditions to your vehicle and subsequently, it’s cargo.

Lift Kits

One of the primary services offered in a 4WD upgrade is lift kit installation. 4WD lift kits comprise a range of mechanisms that are intended to reinforce, repair or replace your vehicle’s factory suspension. In general terms, your lift kit will be made up of shocks, springs, bushes and shackles & bolts.


Your shock absorbers are a key part in ensuring a smooth and comfortable drive. Whether used for transporting heavy loads or for off-road driving enjoyment, getting a lift kit for your vehicle will generally mean replacing stock shocks with high-pressure alternatives.


Operating alongside your shocks, the springs also help to absorb energy and movement produced from unstable terrain. Replacing springs with raised ones can also ensure the safety of your newly installed lift kit. If, however, your primary vehicle function will be to transport heavy loads, heavy-duty coil springs may also be required.


Bushes provide separation of the moving parts of your vehicle to reduce contact and increase shock absorption capabilities. For your lift kit, however, heavy-duty and high-performance bushes are incorporated to ensure maximum protection.

Shackles & Bolts

Shackles and bolts are generally replaced in a lift kit to ensure a strengthened lift, increased drive stability and even safety.

Recreational 4WD upgrades

At Big Wheels, we’re dedicated to enhancing the ride for all drivers which is why we also offer Pedders GVM upgrades for recreational purposes. In addition to offering suspension upgrades and lift kits, we are also equipped to tackle everything from bull bars, rear bars and tow bars to winches, snorkels, high lift jacks and compressors.

If you’re keen to find out more about 4WD upgrades, suspension or lift-kits for your vehicle, get in touch with us today on 1300 655 050 or locate your nearest workshop here.

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Alice Taylor
Alice Taylor
Sep 10, 2018

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